Watch A Drift Champion Slide Lexus Cars Around A China Shop

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This is how you promote the performance and precision of a car.

Lexus is known for the inventive ways it promotes its luxury cars. When the legendary LS400 took the luxury car market by storm, the automaker balanced a row of wine glasses precariously on the hood to demonstrate its quality in a famous commercial. Retaining the theme, to advertise the LFA Lexus used the savage power of its halo supercar to shatter wine glasses. Now, the luxury automaker has revisited the theme once again in its latest promotion with a new spin that involves lots of fancy sideways driving.

To promote the performance and precision of its current high-spec luxury cars, Lexus enlisted the help of drift champion Rhys Millen, who skilfully slides a GS F, RC F and LC 500 around a China shop while narrowly avoiding shelves of finely crafted crystal. It's surprisingly stressful to watch.

Unlike the LFA advert, no crystal gets harmed in the performance – but we bet there were some unsuccessful attempts when trying to get the perfect shot that didn't make the cut. An outtakes reel needs to happen. The video makes it clear that Lexus's high-performance cars aren't track toys, yet still provide fun, spirited driving experiences with the refinement you expect from the automaker. Built with more passion and soul than your average Lexus, the alluring LC 500 sports coupe is the clear standout of the trio, thanks to its superb styling and a naturally-aspirated 5.0-liter V8 producing 471 horsepower.

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