Watch A Drifting Champion Destroy This 1,150-HP Toyota 86


You have to feel sorry for those poor tires.

After watching Ken Block’s spectacular Climbkhana in which he tore up the gruelling Pikes Peak Hillclimb circuit in a souped-up Ford Mustang Hoonicorn, we didn’t think any other sideways driving video could leave us impressed. Enter Formula Drift champion Fredric Aasbo, who’s here to show off his mad drifting skills in his turbocharged Toyota 86-X with 1,150-hp on tap to torture those tires until they beg for mercy. For his first stunt, Aasbo teamed up with Toyota UK to carve a GT86 logo that could be seen from space using tire marks by doing donuts.

Performed on the Millbrook Proving Ground skid pad, the stunt required masterful precision driving, as Aasbo had to follow very specific lines to draw the 86 logo with his car. Ken Block would certainly be proud of the driving on display – particularly when he drifts the rear of the 86-X mere millimeters away from the nose of a stock 86.

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If that wasn’t already impressive, the real magic happens when Aasbo is unleashed onto the Millbrook Proving Ground’s Alpine Route without restriction. It’s an extremely technical circuit filled with twists and turns designed to test the limits of a car’s handling dynamics. It’s also filled with obstacles such as barriers, signs and trees that you could easily hit with the slightest misjudgement.

Granted, it’s not quite as dangerous as potentially plummeting off the edge of a mountain at Pikes Peak, but it’s still a very challenging circuit that’s tricky to navigate at slower speeds, let alone sideways in a 1150-hp Toyota 86. Aasbo clearly has some serious skills when it comes to driving sideways and making it look so effortlessly easy, so you can see why he’s a Formula Drift Champion. Aasbo, you have our respect.