Watch A E92 BMW Nearly Blows Its Tires Setting Fastest Side Wheelie Record

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Those poor sidewalls.

Red Bull didn't exactly pioneer the concept of advertising its products by breaking world records and having professionals pull stunts that leave the rest of the population with mouths agape. Still, it's certainly the poster boy for the idea thanks to stunts like Red Bull Stratos, which saw a man skydive (or spacedive) from the Earth's stratosphere. Stealing a page out of Red Bull's playbook, Nokian Tires just set a world record to prove its tires are up for any job.

We doubt the spacediver Felix Baumgartner needed to drink Red Bull before the leap as his adrenaline probably did the job. But Nokian Tires certainly used a set of its own rubber for this stunt.

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In order to prove how capable its product is, Nokian Tires took a BMW 330d and put stunt driver Vesa Kivimaki behind the wheel. Kivimaki set out by getting the Bimmer on two wheels before gunning the 3.0-liter diesel engine. With tires smoking out of the taxation, the BMW reaches 115.742 mph over a span of 100 meters before Kivimaki sets it back down on all four tires. Putting a car onto two tires is tough enough because the sidewalls, the weakest part of the tires, have to deal with part of the load at an awkward angle. That's why pushing the them over 100 mph is even more impressive and deserving of a world record. At least Nokian gave Kivimaki a roll cage as well as a welded differential to keep the power consistent.

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