Watch A FedEx Truck Get Destroyed By A Train Because The Crossing Gates Broke


See, how it works is, the train moves and all other vehicles stop. Supposedly.

Wow, just wow. First off, it's incredible no one was seriously injured or killed in this nasty train smashing into a semi-truck incident in Utah. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, a FedEx cargo semi-truck proceeded to drive across a railways crossing last Saturday because the gates were up and the flashing lights and bells were not activated even though a train was seconds away from passing through. The entire thing was caught on a police dash cam and an investigation is currently underway.

Could this all be explained by a simple power outage? Not really because when there is an outage or lack of signal, "the gates are programmed to default to the 'down and active' position as a safety precaution."

What's for sure is that there was a severe ice and snow storm going on, but that alone doesn't answer how this happened. Earlier that day the gates defaulted to the 'down and active' position as intended when the storm hit, but after an employee came to the location, the gates moved to the upward position and remained there. The crash occurred not long afterwards. Human error, along with other possible scenarios, hasn't been ruled out.

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