Watch A Ferrari 458 Flip Over In Scary Track Day Crash

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The crumpled Ferrari 458 looks like a total loss.

This week, we watched and wept when three Ferrari supercars smashed into each other on a highway during a supercar charity drive. One of the cars involved in the carnage was a 458 Italia, arguably one of the best mid-engined V8 supercars Ferrari has ever made that spawned the 488 GTB and F8 Tributo.

Unfortunately, another 458 Italia has been wrecked, this time during a track day in Spain. Track days offer a safe way to push your car to the limit and hone your high-speed driving skills. But as this video demonstrates, things can still go horribly wrong if you make a misjudgment while driving beyond your skill level.
Supercar Fails/Instagram
Supercar Fails/Instagram
Supercar Fails/Instagram

In an onboard video, we get to see the owner of a Ferrari 458 having some fun during a track day at the Circuito de Jarama near Madrid, Spain. After flying down the main straight, the driver confidently floors it, allowing us to hear the 458 Italia's sweet-sounding, naturally-aspirated V8 sing. As they overtake another car on the track, the driver approaches a corner far too fast and slams hard on the brakes, causing the 458 to understeer into a gravel trap.

The supercar then slams into a barrier at high speed and the force of the impact flips the car into the air before it lands on its roof. It looks like the brakes failed, but inexperience could also be to blame.

Supercar Fails/Instagram
Supercar Fails/Instagram

It's a reminder of how important it is to warm up the brakes and tires before attempting a fast lap. Luckily, the driver and passenger walked away from this scary crash without any major injuries, but the same can't be said for the 458 Italia. A photo shows the crumpled remains of the overturned supercar, which will most likely be a total loss. This incident reminds us of another recent trackday crash involving an out-of-control Toyota GR Yaris that rolled over multiple times after sliding into a gravel trap.

Supercar Fails/Instagram
2010-2015 Ferrari 458 Italia Front View Driving Ferrari

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