Watch A Ferrari 458 Without Doors Or A Front-End Do Some Naughty Things

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Clearly we don't recommend doing this yourself.

This Liberty Walk modified Ferrari 458 Italia has definitely seen better days, aesthetically speaking. If you recall, this is the very same 458 that crashed at Monterey Car Week last August. Although anything can be fixed (for a price), typically a car–any car–in this condition shouldn't be driven on any road, empty or not. Then again, why not go for it? Surely this isn't legal. How does one get around that obstacle? Hand the keys over to its owner, Damon Fryer, and close down some roads and parking lots.

Fryer's Daily Driven Exotics YouTube channel has produced this appropriately titled video, "Wild in the Streets," and it'd probably be a smart idea for anyone thinking of performing a similar stunt to read the disclaimer at the beginning. Just a suggestion.

Still though, it's fun watching the zebra style-wrapped 458 go through a set of tires while lacking both driver and passenger doors. Who needs a front-end, by the way? Screw doors, too. Unfortunately, we still don't know exactly what caused the damage last summer. Must have been a hell of an accident for front end damage like that.

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