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Watch A Ferrari 488 GT3 Wreck Spectacularly At The Nurburgring

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The Nurburgring has claimed yet another victim.

Crashes are a common sight at the notorious Nurburgring Norschlife circuit, and while many of its victims are inexperienced drivers, professional racers can just as easily get caught out. At a recent VLN Endurance Championship race, spectators witnessed the spectacular wreck of a Ferrari 488 GT3. While trying to pass a 911 on the inside line, driver Georg Weiss misjudged the gap, clipping the Porsche which sent the 488 slamming into the nearest wall, demolishing the fetching front-end.

Watching the video footage, it looks as if the Porsche performed a PIT maneuver to take out the Italian supercar, but the driver of the 488 was clearly at fault as he didn't leave enough room when going for the overtake. The best part happens after the crash, though.

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With the Porsche's path blocked by the wrecked Ferrari, the disgruntled racing driver clearly didn't think he was at fault, and marches over to the Porsche, yanks open the door and argues with the other driver about the incident. At least the driver could walk away from the crash without assistance, implying that the impact wasn't as serious as it looked - though we wouldn't like to guess the repair bill. Just don't be disappointed that the dispute didn't descend into a NASCAR-style punch-up.