Watch A Ferrari F40 Be Built In Under 1 Minute

Yes, we know it's Lego. And?

The Lego Ferrari F40 is easily one of the coolest kits the Danish company has ever created. It is insanely detailed, checking in at 1,158 pieces. Putting one together seems about as difficult as building an actual F40. Well maybe it’s not that hard but damn it all if that instructional manual isn’t pages and pages long. Unfortunately we don’t have a kit of our own to build but Hagerty—the classic car insurer—does. It built an F40 and made a fun time-lapse video of the process.

It’s cool to see the Lego supercar take shape, especially since you don’t need to sit through the entire build in real-time. There’s also a pretty dope 8-bit soundtrack from a game we just can’t place. Watch the video for yourself and let us know if you figure out where the soundtrack is from.

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