Watch A Ferrari LaFerrari Get Thrashed On A Field

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This guy is our hero.

Only 499 LaFerrari coupes and 210 Apertas were made until production ceased entirely in 2018. Needless to say, every one of these cars is rare and worth more money than you'll probably ever have. So you'd expect owners to take excellent care of their cars for an unlimited number of reasons.

But every now and then there's someone who defies the so-called rich guy investor rules and actually drives the hybrid hypercar. And when we say "drives," at least in this case, it's not just a quick spin around the block or out to some fancy schmancy restaurant to show off. No, we're talking about serious wheel spinning and mud. Lots of mud.

This video, courtesy of the TFJJ proudly shows a LaFerrari doing donuts and driving over puddles at speed. Some parts may be a bit hard to watch because, well, it's a LaFerrari after all. There's no such thing as minor damage; everything is expensive to fix on these cars. Imagine the expenses for, say, the typical fender bender. Taking the LaFerrari, which has a very appropriate license plate, out to the English countryside for some thrashing is definitely our idea of a good idea. Oh, and there's also an F40 on the premises but it opted not to participate in the shenanigans. Perhaps it was for the best.

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Just watching and listening to the LaFerrari do its crazy thing in the wet grass – surrounded by goats – makes for an entertaining and enjoyable few minutes of your time. Listen to that 6.3-liter V12 and KERS system's total of 950 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque. Watch the mud go flying, then see it caked onto the car itself. Nice to see at least one LaFerrari getting out of its climate-controlled garage for once. Hopefully this will inspire more owners to do something similar. Or, we'll just keep dreaming.

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