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Watch A Fighter Jet Cause Tesla Model 3 Havoc

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Elon Musk to the rescue?

Tesla's Sentry Mode comes in handy for owners. Why? Because it offers an added layer of protection against theft or vandalism by continuously monitoring the environment around the vehicle when it's left unattended. When it's turned on, Sentry Mode goes into a "Standby" status, kind of like a home alarm system. It's during this time that it uses the car's external cameras to watch for any potential threats. What are those threats? Well, an F-15 fighter jet is one of them.

This dash cam video, taken by Reddit user TESLAFAN-NC, captures an F-15 flyover which, funnily enough, set off the Sentry Mode. According to the owner, this actually happened a total of three times that day when the car was parked at the 2019 Wings Over Wayne Airshow in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

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We also dig the Johann Sebastian Bach soundtrack. So this just goes to show that not only is Sentry Mode very effective, it can also be extremely sensitive. Perhaps even passenger jets, assuming they're flying low enough when coming in for a landing or takeoff, could set off Sentry Mode. Above all, Sentry Mode has proven itself to be an excellent way for Tesla owners to prevent their vehicles from getting damaged or stolen.

For example, a former traffic court judge from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was caught red-handed hitting a parked Model 3. He then left the scene. Yep, that's a hit and run.

The judge, who was running for a seat on the city council, was seen backing out in his Cadillac Escalade into the Model 3. He got out and examined the damage but then quickly drove off. He was later kicked off the city council ballot following his felony conviction for lying to the FBI in a separate corruption probe. But hey, Sentry Mode prevented him from getting away with a hit and run because the whole thing was caught on video, too.

The F-15 had no physical harm intended.