Watch A Ford Mustang Burnout Straight Into An Electric Pylon

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When will they learn?

While the world languishes under the grip of the pandemic, a more sinister threat looms in the dark alleyways and dimly lit parking lots of America: the Ford Mustang. This classic American sports car is loved by thousands, but feared by millions, and regularly makes headlines for its tendency to crash. We regularly report on Mustang mishaps, such as the time one crashed in a completely empty parking lot, or the time one crashed into a bar full of people. The latest Mustang crash comes to us from somewhere in middle America, and it proves once again why these cars should be declared a national security threat.

Jeremy Cook/YouTube
Jeremy Cook/YouTube
Jeremy Cook/YouTube

In the above video, we see a blue, fifth-generation Mustang performing a rather impressive burnout down what seems to be an ordinary suburban road in an undisclosed location. In the five-second clip, the Mustang can be seen barreling down the road, with a long cloud of smoke trailing behind it. All of a sudden the Mustang takes a violent turn to the right and shortly after makes contact with an electric pylon which basically obliterates the front end of the car. The hood can clearly be seen folded like a taco, while the bumper is left floundering on the grass.

Brandon Calderon/Facebook
Brandon Calderon/Facebook
Brandon Calderon/Facebook
Brandon Calderon/Facebook

A small plume of smoke can be seen emanating from the front of the car which could mean a cracked radiator. It is uncertain what specific trim this Stang is, but by the sound of things, it has an aftermarket exhaust in place. The fifth-generation Mustang is becoming a tuning favorite thanks to the falling value of these cars. Even in base V8 spec, fifth-gen Mustangs make up to 315 horsepower, with models such as the Shelby GT500 producing a massive 662 hp. Forget about global pandemics; the federal government should look into the real threat facing America: Ford Mustangs.

2018-2021 Ford Mustang Coupe Front View Driving Ford
2018-2021 Ford Mustang Coupe Front View Ford
2018-2021 Ford Mustang Coupe Rear View Ford
2018-2021 Ford Mustang Coupe Wheel Ford

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