Watch A Formula 1 Test Driver Drift A Maybach

It's the smaller 57S model, and someone will surely try to say that makes it easy.

If you want people to think highly of your car, it's generally a good idea to be connected with someone who definitely knows what they're talking about to endorse it. This must have been the thinking at Mercedes-Benz when they got Suzie Wolff (nee Stoddart, as she is referred to in this video, shot before she was married) to say a few words about the Maybach. But borrowing a Williams F1 test driver to sit in the back seat of a car is a waste of talent.

So they let Wolff behind the wheel after a bit, and even though the Maybach is a bit bigger and heavier than an F1 car, she still manages to make the somewhat drab luxo-barge look exciting.

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