Watch A Formula Drift Driver Slide Around In The Lexus IS 350 F-Sport

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It does remarkably well for a standard car.

We all want Lexus to bring an IS F to market to take on the Germans in their M3s and C63s, but while we wait, we have to make do with the IS 350 F-Sport. Much like Audi's S models, Lexus F-Sport models aren't fully-fledged performance cars, but that doesn't mean that they're not fun to drive. Just ask Formula Drift competitor Ken Gushi, who was recently loaned a bone stock version of the car fresh off the dealer lot.

In the description of the video below, he says that getting the car to do a burnout was tricky, but as you're about to see, there's nothing to worry about once you get on the skidpan.

Ken Gushi/YouTube
Ken Gushi/YouTube

The car was loaned by Lexus Western and taken to Apple Valley Speedway in California to see if it can be abused in the most fun way. Gushi's time at the track starts with him wondering if the car will manage to get sideways in its default drive mode, or if Sport S or Sport S+ will be required. Even so, his time trying to light up the rear tires at his shop for a burnout had him wondering if the tires would need to be over-inflated too. But it seems that there was no need to worry, as the car looks really easy to break traction with once you have a little momentum.

Ken Gushi/YouTube
Ken Gushi/YouTube

As Gushi notes, once the car is sideways, controlling the drift or transitioning to another angle is incredibly easy to control thanks to the long wheelbase of the car. We're not sure that Lexus has drifting in mind when designing this car, but the Japanese automaker certainly did intend for people to enjoy driving it, and if a Formula Drift competitor can have fun in it, then mere mortals like you and I surely will too.

Still, that doesn't diminish our thirst for a full-on, hardcore IS F. Come now, Lexus. Grant our wishes and make a stupidly quick super sedan before we have nothing to listen to but the whirr of electric motors.

Ken Gushi/YouTube
Ken Gushi/YouTube

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