Watch A Garage Full Of Lamborghinis Get Emptied After Hurricane Matthew


This dealership fit 38 Lamborghinis and 11 "other" cars into a single garage.

Hurricane Matthew was a serious storm that took lives and destroyed an immense amount of property. But through the seriousness and sadness some lighthearted car stories have emerged. There was the guy who parked his BMW E30 M3 inside his house to shield it from the storm. There was also the Corvette owner in Georgia whose muscle car narrowly escaped being crushed by a falling roof. This new video was shot at Lamborghini Palm Beach and shows what a garage filled with 38 Lamborghinis and 11 other exotic cars looks like.

Lamborghini Palm Beach moved the cars inside to shield them from the storm, and although the squeeze was tight the effort was well worth it. Despite the close quarters all the cars emerged unscathed, although getting them out of the garage looked to be a bit of a hassle.

Thankfully portions of this video are sped up. We can't imagine how long the entire process took in real-time. Also, kudos to whoever coordinated this whole thing. While there is some space to walk the majority of the cars are packed in tight with mere inches separating front and rear bumpers. Parking them that way must have been an exercise in extreme patience. Here's hoping footage of that exists as we'd love to see it, albeit in time-lapse video form. Check out this video and see if you can spot all the different models and the more "common" cars mingling among them.

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