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Watch A Genesis G70 Recreate This Famous Fast & Furious Stunt

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Vin Diesel would be proud.

One of the most famous car stunts in the Fast & Furious franchise is also one of the simplest. It doesn't involve cars smashing through skyscrapers or parachuting out of planes. In fact, the scene occurs in the first few minutes of the original Fast & Furious movie released way back in 2001.

In the opening heist scene, Dominic Toretto and his crew hijack a semi truck transporting electrical goods. During the scene, one of the modified Honda Civics is forced to drive straight under the moving truck. It's a simple yet dangerous stunt that's still impressive to watch today. Hobbs & Shaw, the upcoming Fast & Furious spin-off movie, will even pay homage to the scene with a McLaren 720S drifting under not one but two semi-trucks. And now Genesis has created its own tribute to the famous stunt.

It's part of a new three-part series called "The Art of the Stunt" featuring a 2019 Genesis G70 that "demonstrates vehicle agility in a thrilling setting." In each video, a stunt driver uses a G70 to recreate a classic scene of evasive driving from famous movies. In the first video, Tanner Foust drives the luxury sports sedan under a moving semi-truck to recreate the iconic stunt from The Fast and the Furious. Just to make the stunt more difficult, Foust also performs a reverse 180 underneath the semi, which isn't easy when there's only a 22-foot gap between the semi's tires.

To achieve the stunt, Foust drove 35 mph in reverse and then turned the steering wheel when the vehicle is about a car length and a half away from the trailer. When the car is roughly 45 degrees into the turn, Foust had to hit the brakes to lock up the front wheels and allow the G70 to slide. It's then a simple case of straightening the car and putting the transmission into drive after clearing the semi.

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Two more episodes will feature Faust recreating more movie car scenes. The second episode releasing on June 12 will see the stunt driver recreate a scene from Baby Driver, as Foust will perform a "180-reverse-to-drift maneuver within inches of a truck blocking the way." On June 19, the third episode will show Foust "maneuvering the G70 through a tight space at high speed" in a scene inspired by Drive.