Watch A GMC Sierra HD Denali Roll Into A Lake On Live TV

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That's one way to flush $65,000 down the drain.

As this news presenter found out, you never know what the cameras are going to capture during a live TV broadcast. Jakob Emerson was reporting for ABC NewsChannel 20 about controversial proposals to build an artificial lake on Lake Springfield in Illinois. In the background, a group launch a boat with a GMC Sierra 2500HD, but it all goes horribly wrong.

After reversing down the ramp, the occupants get out of the truck to untie the boat that was launched into the water. Suddenly, the Sierra disappears from the shot and slowly rolls down the ramp to its demise. All they can do is watch helplessly as the Sierra plunges into the lake and starts to sink. After wrapping up his report, the reporter turns around and gasps in shock at the sight of the Sierra taking an unscheduled swim.

ABC NewsChannel 20/YouTube ABC NewsChannel 20/YouTube

While watching the Sierra drown, the cameraman joked with perfect comic timing: "Do you think they need a ride?"

In total, it takes just 25 seconds for the Sierra to become completely submerged underwater. This wasn't a standard Sierra, either - it was a range-topping Sierra HD Denali. That's one way to flush $65,000 down the drain, or in this case, a lake. The Sierra was recovered by the Sangamon County Rescue Squad, but we doubt it will be salvageable. While it's doubtful this Sierra can be saved, thankfully nobody was inside the truck when it dipped into the lake.
ABC NewsChannel 20/YouTube ABC NewsChannel 20/YouTube ABC NewsChannel 20/YouTube

It's not known what caused the Sierra to slip off the boat ramp, but it's possible that the owner forgot to apply the parking brake.

Boat launch incidents like this are more common than you might think, however. Speaking to ABC NewsChannel 20, Sangamon County Emergency Management Office Director Bill Lee, algae can make the boat ramps slippery, so the owner may not be to blame. "Most of them have a very gradual decline, this one seems to drop off relatively quick," said Lee. "It's always best to park at the top of the ramp and go down and walk the ramp to identify if that thick algae is there and makes it real slick."

Sangamon County Rescue Squad/Facebook 2020-2022 GMC Sierra 2500HD Front-End View GMC
2020-2022 GMC Sierra 2500HD Front-End View
Source Credits: ABC NewsChannel 20

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