Watch A Jaguar F-Pace Take On A Race Bike And Win


The F-Pace is very fast, and extremely practical.

The Jaguar F-Pace is one of the prettiest SUVs ever made. It is also pretty quick. The 380 hp supercharged V6 version hits 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds and sounds great doing so. The F-Pace can hold its own against German competitors like the Porsche Macan, but how does the small SUV stack up against a racing bike? The F-Pace is quick, but how could it possibly be able to keep up with a purpose-built racing motorcycle? Well, Jaguar has a clever solution to even the playing field. With this one little twist, the F-Pace becomes far faster than the bike.

Before the bike and the F-Pace take off, the rule is handed down that each vehicle must carry four people. The Jaguar can take four passengers and their luggage with ease, but the motorcycle clearly can't. The F-Pace is fast, but can be practical every day.

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