Watch A Jaywalking Chicken Cause A Car Accident

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Now we know why the chicken crossed the road.

Annoying and random things happen all the time. Sometimes there's no resulting harm, other times there's physical damage. The case of this jaywalking chicken is one of the latter. Yes, a jaywalking chicken, only the chicken doesn't fathom the concept of unlawfully crossing a street without regard to approaching traffic. And that's when the human being, the driver, gets involved. The right thing to do is to stop and let the chicken cross the road. Why? So it can get to the other side. Duh.

But stopping in the middle of the street can be risky, as was this case in Australia. A random chicken was walking in the middle of the street and the first driver did the right thing by stopping. The second driver, whose dash cam we're seeing here, did the same thing.

But it was the third driver who wasn't paying attention. The result? A fender bender. The old Kia that caused the accident rightly suffers the most damage. The white pickup truck only has a few scratches on its rear bumper. As for the poor chicken? It's fine. It made its way across the road and back to safety. This time. Next time? Flattened chicken filets.

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