Watch A Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Go Up In Flames

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Ferrari will be enjoying this one.

Sometimes, supercars spontaneously catch on fire. It's just what they do. For those who recall, several years ago there was a near global epidemic of Ferrari 458 Italias suddenly catching on fire. The 458 had just hit the market at the time, and it was a major PR issue for Ferrari. The problem was eventually traced to a faulty adhesive used in the rear wheel arch assembly that overheated because of its proximity to the engine. The engine of any powerful supercar can get quite hot, and the consequences of that can be a challenge to deal with.

So which other supercar makes have caught on fire, you ask? Well, here's your answer for today: a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera. This nestcam footage taken from a building in Seattle, Washington shows the Gallardo driving on a city street when it pulls into the left lane and comes to a stop.

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Its driver gets out to inspect the smoke. The moment he opens the rear engine cover you'll immediately notice a flicker of fire orange, followed by even more smoke (a water bottle is no match against fire). That more than likely alarmed the passenger, who also bailed. There was no point in even trying to use the fire extinguisher offered by a bystander; the car is doomed and both guys realized it, so they moved the hell away. Within a few minutes a firetruck arrives and douses the flames, but the damage is done and the Lambo is toast. So, what caused the V10 to burn? It overheated somehow, but the question is why. It'd be interesting to find out if Lamborghini has an answer.

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