Watch A Land Rover Defender 110 Roll Six Times Across A Highway In Florida Crash

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Incredibly, no one was injured in this horrific traffic accident. And the Defender is now up for sale.

Footage of a horrific crash in Orlando, Florida reveals a new Land Rover Defender rolling six times due to another driver's lapse of judgment. The video below shows the grey-painted SUV making its way down the highway when, suddenly, a Mazda CX-5 changes direction and slams into the off-roader.

The impact, hidden by a large semi-trailer, is violent enough to send the Defender into a series of dramatic rolls. The SUV becomes airborne and crashes into the tarmac six times as it rolls across four lanes of moving traffic. After hitting a lamp post, the battered Defender comes to a stop on the other side of the median. New Defender Mods/YouTube

Other motorists can be seen slowing down to assist occupants of the Land Rover, which looks worn for wear. Miraculously, everyone reportedly escaped with just minor injuries.

It appears the Mazda driver missed their turn-off and, in a hurried attempt to make the slip road, made contact with the fast-traveling Defender. The accident, which occurred four months ago, looks like something straight out of a James Bond film. While we're thankful that no one was injured, this is a poignant reminder of just how far safety technology has advanced.

New Defender Mods/YouTube New Defender Mods/YouTube New Defender Mods/YouTube New Defender Mods/YouTube

We're often impressed by strong safety ratings and even ogle at the controlled crash tests conducted by organizations, but to see those designs and safety systems work in real life is somewhat jarring. Both the IIHS and NHTSA are yet to test the Defender for crashworthiness but the rugged Land Rover sailed through the Euro NCAP evaluations, where it was awarded a maximum score of five stars.

As per Australia's Drive, the destroyed Defender was auctioned off via Copart for the princely sum of $14,600. We're not sure why someone would buy this - it's beyond repair and has few salvageable parts - but the images do give us a better look at the wrecked SUV.

New Defender Mods/YouTube New Defender Mods/YouTube New Defender Mods/YouTube New Defender Mods/YouTube

Once a $72,300 status symbol, the Defender 110 X-Dynamic SE is nothing more than a mangled mess of tortured metal and glass. As you can see, the curtain airbags have been deployed. The structure of the vehicle has held up remarkably well. While the roof seems to have caved in on the driver's side, it looks good considering it rolled six times.

While many consider Land Rovers (and other premium vehicles) to be nothing more than a frivolous luxury item, it's clear to see where all that money goes, and we're guessing the driver and passenger don't regret the hefty purchase price one bit.

This breathtaking incident is just as shocking as another roll-over collision, recently captured in Australia, where the driver of a Toyota Hilux loses control and rolls the truck in spectacular fashion.
Source Credits: Drive

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