Watch A Ludicrous Mode Model X P90D Put A Ferrari 458 Down

It put up a good fight but the end result is still R.I.P.

Are you sick of watching Teslas race supercar and muscle cars yet? No? Good, neither are we. The Model S and Model X with Ludicrous mode are basically unstoppable on the drag strip. That being said, we don’t watch these races because they’ll be competitive. No, we watch them to see iconic supercars like the Ferrari 458 Italia getting destroyed. That’s exactly what happens in this clip when a Tesla Model X P90D races a stock 458. Spoiler alert. Destroyed is a harsh term as the Ferrari didn’t lose by a ton of time.

Sure, .19 seconds is a lot when it comes to drag racing. But we have seen worse defeats in our time.

The 458 Italia had launch control to get off the line. That and its 570-horsepower 4.5-liter V8 helped to keep things marginally close. While we enjoy watching Ludicrous and Insane mode Teslas race supercars we wish people would make more videos featuring the “normal” versions of these EVs. Everyone knows that the Model S P100D is ludicrously fast, pun intended. But not everyone is going to shell out the cash for a top-tier P100D Tesla. Slower is never better when it comes to drag races but for the sake of parity let’s try and get some base models out to race!

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