Watch A Makeup Artist Turn The Grand Tour Trio Into Americans


Hammond’s dream come true?

During the Clarkson Era, watching Top Gear UK as an American was an exercise in appreciating self-deprecating humor. It was a healthy one at that, but one downside to having a pond of separation between our cultures was the fact that some jokes flew straight over our heads. Some things just don’t click over here in the Red, White, and Blue the same way they do over in, well, the other Red, White, and Blue. Try explaining the dual meanings of the word “gnarly” to a Brit and you’ll see what we mean.

That could have been a problem in the past since the show shed its UK passport and became a citizen of the world thanks to popularity the transcended borders, but it was still a BBC staple and thus had more than enough of an excuse to stay as British as bad food and accents that can make the phrase “bloody hell” sound attractive.

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The BBC’s jurisdiction of our three favorite car presenters ended when a punch sent the trio fleeing into Amazon’s arms, but does that mean Clarkson, Hammond, and May have to become more American to cater to their new parents? Not quite, though that doesn’t stop them from trying. It’s probably not a surprise to anyone that the trio’s American alter egos resemble used car salesman complete with comb-overs, whitened teeth (Hammond is no longer the only one), fake tans, and corny smiles that hide car salesman existential crises. As much as we love how British The Grand Tour has remained, it would be funny to see an episode with Clarkson, May, and Hammond acting as American as possible.

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