Watch A McLaren P1 Disappear From A 2015 Corvette Z06 At The Circuit Of The Americas

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The acceleration on this thing is phenomenal.

There's no denying the 2015 Corvette Z06 is one impressive machine. But as this video will demonstrate, there's impressive and then there's otherworldly. The McLaren P1 firmly resides in the latter category and is quite frankly on another level to America's finest. Taking his ride to the Circuit of The Americas, the owner of this Z06 had the pleasure of meeting a McLaren P1 and thanks to the onboard PDR, was able to record just how brutally fast the British hypercar really is.

Not that we were in any doubt, but the way the P1 pulls away from the Z06 on the straights has to be seen to be believed. Kudos has to go to the Z06 for keeping up with the McLaren though, especially on the corners.

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