Watch A Mercedes G63 AMG Owner Shove A Mitsubishi Lancer Out Of The Way

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Why? Because it's fun.

Be careful who you park next to in a garage. That's essentially the lesson learned here. That, as well as it's rather easy for a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG to shove a smaller car, say a Mitsubishi Lancer, out of its way. Sure, there may be some damage done to the big SUV, but there'll be plenty of more dents left in the Lancer. What you're about to see is clearly funny for its participants/artistic filmmakers, but we highly doubt the Lancer owner will be pleased when he or she sees their car again.

Lesson here: drive a big ass SUV, preferably one you don't mind seeing getting scratched up a bit. It'll be easier to get out of tight parking jobs.

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