Watch A Modified Polaris UTV Conquer The Wall Of Death

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Get ready for something pretty mental.

Off-road pro racing driver RJ Anderson literally has one of the best jobs in the world. And now we can all witness his mad driving skills in this video produced by UTVUnderground. Filmed in Southern California, specifically in the mountains east of San Diego, the nearly seven-minute long video is a homage to the birthplace of freestyle motorcross. Anderson's ride of choice? A custom-built turbocharged Polaris RZR XP.

We highly recommend watching the entire video because you need to see the moment when Anderson takes on the so-called "Wall of Death." Now, no one should try this at home. That's an understatement, of course.

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Anderson is a pro and his Polaris has been modified to handle the task at hand with its beefed-up suspension and far more aggressive tires. The whole thing takes place on a pre-designed obstacle course, and that "Wall of Death" and a massive ramp for the sole purpose of doing a backflip will leave you nothing but impressed, if not a little nauseous in your gut.

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