Watch A Monster Truck Perform An Epic Record-Breaking Front Flip

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Epic is the only word that can describe this monster truck stunt.

Monster trucks are inherently ridiculous with their oversized wheels and extreme power, so it's only fitting that one has been used to perform a ridiculous, but undeniably epic stunt like this. The daring stunt was pulled off at last weekend's Monster Jam by Lee O'Donnell, who is better known as 'Mad Scientist.' That nickname couldn't be more appropriate, as he successfully performed the first ever front flip in Monster Jam history, much to the delight of the rapturous crowd.

During the Las Vegas Monster Jam world finals event at Sam Boyd Stadium, O'Donnell's freestyle run looked rather mediocre. Then, suddenly, he floored it, tipping the front-end of the truck up into a wheelie and hitting a ramp at speed, where he executed a spectacular somersault and landed perfectly on all four wheels.

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The awe-inspiring stunt was enough to crown him the Freestyle champion. We think he earned it, somehow. Ironically, the stunt he attempted afterwards was less successful, resulting in the monster truck landing on its roof.

A similar stunt was attempted by Tom Meents back in 2015, but the truck continued to flip over after landing on all four wheels. O'Donnell's stunt, however, set a world record for the first successful monster truck front flip. You have our respect, O'Donnell.

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