Watch A Nissan GT-R Self-Immolate After Shooting Flames From Exhaust

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This did not go according to plan.

With the UK now in a second lockdown to reduce the spread of coronavirus, strict social restrictions mean that car meets can no longer happen. In London, a group of gearheads gathered for one last car meet on the night before the second lockdown was enforced. Hundreds of cars were on display from a Rolls-Royce Dawn to an Alpine A110 and Volkswagen Golf GTI.

One of the standout cars at the meetup, however, was a heavily modified Nissan GT-R. In the video below, we get to see the owner show off their GT-R in front of a crowd in a parking lot as they rev the engine and shoot massive flames out of the exhaust.

VeeDubRacing/YouTube VeeDubRacing/YouTube

The GT-R then takes center stage on the streets, but the driver seemingly got too carried away because the exhaust got too hot, causing the rear of the GT-R to catch on fire.

The crowds rush to try and save the Japanese sports car from burning to a crisp using anything they can to extinguish the flames. Some use their jackets to put out the flames while others spray the car with screen wash. Despite their efforts, the fire keeps reigniting underneath the GT-R.

VeeDubRacing/YouTube VeeDubRacing/YouTube

To get to the flames, one bystander even rips off the car's rear bumper. Eventually, someone arrives with a water-based fire extinguisher and saves the burning GT-R from being destroyed. Once the flames are put out, the GT-R is pushed away from the road.

The rear of the GT-R is damaged from the fire but it doesn't look too significant so the car should still be salvageable providing it hasn't suffered any mechanical damage. It certainly won't be cheap to repair, however. Considering there were large crowds at the car meet, it's fortunate nobody was hurt in the fiery incident because it could have been a lot worse.

VeeDubRacing/YouTube VeeDubRacing/YouTube VeeDubRacing/YouTube

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