Watch A Pair Of C8 Corvette Prototypes Get Chased By A C5 Driver


That supercharged C5 sounds pretty darn amazing as well.

The existence of the mid-engined C8 Chevrolet Corvette is one of the worst kept secrets in the auto industry today. We all know it's coming. Latest we've heard it'll debut next year at Detroit. Until then, Chevrolet is busy testing advanced prototypes on both private tracks and public roads. And now, thanks to the owner of a supercharged C5 Corvette, which sounds incredible by the way, and Corvette Blogger, we have for you a video taken just this past Monday during a drive through the mountains around Idyllwild, California.

It was there where the C5 owner came upon a group of C8 Corvette prototypes covered in camouflage. The test mules were traveling in the opposite direction, so making a quick U-turn was the only logical thing this guy could do given the circumstances.

It didn't take long for him to catch up to the C8s and later realized a total of four prototypes were out that fine day in the gorgeous San Jacinto Mountains.

Unfortunately, the C5 driver did not realize his front-facing Go Pro was not turned on until afterwards, but he still managed to get decent enough footage with another camera and iPhone, shown in the two videos included here. The takeaway from this is that Chevrolet engineers have definitely entered an advanced testing stage, meaning we'll likely be seeing more cases where C8 prototypes are caught testing on public roads, hopefully on one near you.

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