Watch A Pro Racing Driver Somehow Rip Donuts On An AWD Acura NSX

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There's a reason this is a job for the pros.

No matter how you slice it, 573 horsepower strapped to a rolling frame that weighs 3,800 pounds is a power to weight ratio we all like to imagine. On the other hand, just like everyone on the unfortunate side of the "does size matter" question likes to argue, the way that power is delivered is almost as important as the quantity, and it's the Acura NSX's all-wheel drive configuration that makes it a bad pick for donuts. Or so you'd think. In theory, what follows shouldn't happen, or at least it should be hard to make happen.

As soon as pro ISMA driver Katherine Legge yanks the wheel and mashes the throttle, the power sent to the front wheels should pull the rears back in line and end with an awkward wide high speed circle with minimal hints of oversteer. That's definitely not what happens here. True to Donut Media's name, it put on another show for us complete with tire smoking theatrics.

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And before you go thinking that it's all done for the sake of chaos, listen to Legge's story because there's a reason for sacrificing the rear set of rubber. The GT3 version of the NSX recently won at the Detroit Gran Prix, and Legge is one of the talented drivers that made that win possible. Unfortunately, it was her teammate Andy Wally got to do the celebratory donuts while Legge was left inhaling the fumes. Time to make things right, and lucky for Legge, there's a beautiful blue NSX sitting nearby that needs a thrashing.

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