Watch A Rally Driver Still Win After Getting Lost In A Parking Lot

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More proof that rally drivers are some of the most insanely skilled drivers in the world.

Rally drivers are among the most skilled and downright insane drivers in the world, tackling treacherous terrain at unthinkable speeds. The World Rally Championship provides plenty of hair-raising and memorable moments, and this was especially true last weekend during the Mexico rally. While navigating dusty trails, Kris Meeke overshot a corner perilously close to the finish line. Much drama ensued - the Citroen C3 careered into a ditch, but because this is rallying you know the drivers will continue no matter what.

Unperturbed, the determined driver weaved into a nearby parking lot desperately looking for a way to get back on-course. As he skillfully slides around parked cars, it looks like a scene out of a Ken Block Gymkhana video. Eventually, he managed to find an opening and resume the stage.

But getting lost in the parking lot cost Meeke 20 vital seconds. He was therefore convinced that this had cost him the rally. However, despite the detour Meeke still set the fastest time, since he had built up a substantial 37.8-second lead at the start of the final stage. Remarkably, it was a comfortable win too, as Meeke managed to beat four-time WRC champion Sebastien Ogier by 13.8 seconds. That takes some serious skill – you don't see this sort of drama in NASCAR or Formula One.

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