Watch A Rally-Prepped Audi Jump Over Exploding Cars

Yes, it's as cool as it sounds.

The driver in the video is former hockey player TeemuSelanne that played right wing for the Anaheim Ducks. The now-retired hockeyplayer looks like he’s enjoying retirement by jumping race-prepped rally carsover exploding vehicles. The ex-hockey player hasbeen involved in rallying for a number of years and even raced in WRC’s RallyFinland twice in the ‘90s, so he knows what he’s doing. Selanne gets behind thewheel of an Audi 80 that’s been fitted with rally parts andfloors the vehicle before launching into the sky off of a dirt ramp.

As soon as the Audi 80 gets into the air, three vehicles explodein sequence. Get a snack, fast forward to the 2-minute mark and enjoy the show.

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