Watch A Range Rover Evoque Plummet To Its Death

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This is pretty hilarious. (Don't worry, no-one died).

A spectacularly bad combination of an icy road, high-speed driving, and an overpass resulted in this crazy accident that saw a Range Rover Evoque plummet to its death in Sochi, Russia. As you'll see in the following videos, the road is nothing short of treacherous, and almost makes a white Lada its victim before ensnaring the Evoque. Obviously the luxury SUV is going way too fast for a road that is covered in a sheet of ice, but Russians aren't exactly renowned for being conscientious drivers.

After losing control at the worst possible moment, the Evoque drives off the bridge and disappears. You're probably thinking that couldn't have ended well.

And footage of the Range Rover falling 20 meters before crashing onto the road below, shows that your instincts were correct. However, the driver did manage to walk away looking almost completely unharmed. We can't imagine it would have been the same result for the Lada driver though.

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