Watch A Range Rover Sport SVR Roll Over In Spectacular James Bond Stunt

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Unlike a lot of modern movies that rely on CGI, every stunt was done for real.

After being delayed for 18 months, the wait for No Time to Die is almost over. As we've seen in the trailers, the latest James Bond flick will have a lot of automotive action. The film opens with an Aston Martin DB5 taking a beating in Italy while being pursued by Jaguar XFs and baddies on bikes.

Land Rover also provided Defender and Range Rover Sport SVR SUVs that chase Bond off-road in another action-packed scene. Before No Time to Die finally opens in theaters next month, Land Rover takes us behind the scenes to show how one of the most spectacular stunts was filmed for the off-road sequence.

Land Rover Land Rover Land Rover

In the scene, Bond, who is driving a Toyota Land Cruiser, is initially chased by two high-performance Range Rover Sport SVRs. To make the driving more dramatic, a lot of the SUV's safety assists were switched off, enabling it to slide around corners.

In contrast to a lot of modern films that rely on CGI, every stunt was done for real - those are real Range Rover Sport SVRs being destroyed. One of them rolls down an embankment and the other flips high into the air with the aid of a ramp hidden on a rock. The latter stunt has already been shown in trailers, but we get to see it from a first-person perspective in Land Rover's behind-the-scenes video as the SUV smashes onto the ground. A lot of Land Rovers were clearly wrecked in No Time to Die for our entertainment as other clips have shown the Defender taking a lot of punishment.

Land Rover/YouTube Land Rover/YouTube Land Rover/YouTube

Both Range Rover SVRs in the film are finished in Eiger Grey and fitted with gloss black 22-inch alloy wheels. In addition, the SUVs feature the optional Carbon Fiber Exterior Pack, which applies gloss carbon fiber to the front fender vents, lower bumper intakes, grille surround, tailgate finisher, and mirror covers. In No Time to Die, the Range Rover's SVR carbon fiber vented hoods feature a body-colored finish, or you can have it finished in exposed carbon fiber.

If you want to feel like a Bond villain, the No Time to Die specification is now available as an option in the Range Rover SVR online configurator as a perfect partner for the blacked-out Defender V8 Bond Edition. A Range Rover Classic, three Defenders, and a Series III Land Rover will also feature in No Time to Die. You'll get to see them all in action when No Time to Die releases on October 8th.

Land Rover/YouTube Land Rover/YouTube Land Rover/YouTube

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