Watch A Range Rover Sport SVR Set A New World Record On Two Wheels

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Incredibly, the stunt driver beat the previous record set in 2011 by over 30 seconds.

We all knew the Volkswagen I.D. R would smash the EV record at the Goodwood Hillclimb – but it wasn't the only record run at this year's Festival of Speed. Back in 2011, Terry Grant set a world record at the Goodwood Festival of Speed for the fastest one mile covered with a car on two wheels with a time of two minutes and 55 seconds. This year, the stunt driver returned to Goodwood in a Range Rover SVR to try and beat his previous record.

Incredibly, he completed the challenging 1.16-mile course on two wheels in two minutes and 24.5 seconds, beating his previous run by more than 30 seconds and setting a new Guinness World Record in the process.

Using a ramp to flip the SUV onto two wheels, Grant hit speeds of up to 60 mph on the famous hillclimb, which is no small feat. It takes considerable skill to balance a car on two wheels, but this was in a two-tonne SUV while navigating a narrow hillclimb with crowds and obstacles to avoid. You can see the concentration on his face in the video as he skilfully balances the SUV. Grant's record attempt wasn't without setbacks, however. It took four attempts throughout the weekend before the final successful run on the last day of the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

With 575 hp on tap, the Range Rover SVR will do 0-62 mph in 4.3 seconds and hit a top speed of 174 mph when on all four wheels. For the record run, the SUV's differential was tweaked to allow the car to deliver more power to the two wheels on the ground, but the Range Rover SVR used in the record run was otherwise left stock.

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"It really shouldn't be underestimated how difficult a two-wheeled speed run like this is; you are always fighting to keep the car balanced right on the edge, as it tries to tip either one way or the other," said Grant. "You need to be conscious of everything, from the camber of the road to the strength of the wind. Thankfully, conditions were excellent and the Range Rover Sport SVR was the perfect precision tool for the job."

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