Watch A Rare 500-HP Saleen Mustang Driven In Anger


The last of the great Saleen Mustangs is drool-worthy.

It's been years since we came across anything to do with the limited edition Saleen S-281 SC Extreme Mustang, but seeing this one reminds us just how mean these cars are. Niche tuner Saleen is often in the industry news, but usually for legal battles and funding problems. In between all of that it still managed to produce some rather wicked cars, and the Saleen S-281SC Extreme was one of the better ones. The company fitted an upside down supercharger to the 4.6-liter V8 to give it more grunt over the stock 300 hp.

With The Smoking Tire's Matt at the wheel, the car's owner said it was meant to make 600 hp, but it made nowhere near that. Until now.

600 hp would have been great to start off with, but after some tweaking and changes, the Mustang now does it's loud and in your face soundtrack proper justice. This mean looking black on black Mustang now kicks out a healthy 500 hp on the rear rubber. The name Saleen used, S-281SC, is a pretty easy one to decipher. The S is for Saleen, the 281 part refers to the cubic inch displacement and the SC is for the supercharger. The car is in great condition with relatively low mileage on the odometer, and with the right amount of power on tap it's now a car that makes us want to hear that supercharger whine all day long. Luckily it features Saleen coilovers so the bends are lapped up with ease.

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