Watch A Self-Driving Tesla Model 3 Driving On Wrong Side Of The Road

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Even in a mall parking lot this is dangerous.

Tesla's Autopilot system, rated at Level 3 autonomy on a five-level scale, has been the subject of controversy since it was first made available and this video is proof the system still requires work.

According to the Richmond News out of British Columbia, Canada, a Tesla Model 3 operating in self-driving mode was filmed at a shopping center a few days ago driving on the wrong side of the road as it entered the parking lot. It continued its path for at least 50 yards. The car's owner had "Smart Summoned" it to come pick them up outside a store. This new feature, which arrived in Canada only last month, is done via a mobile app and requires the owner to be no more than 200 feet away from the vehicle.

Richmond News
Richmond News
Richmond News

If the Model 3 had caused an accident because of it being on the wrong side the road then the vehicle owner's insurance "may not have provided coverage," according to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, which issued a statement following the video's original publication.

"We're actively monitoring the development of autonomous vehicle technology here in B.C. and in other jurisdictions," the statement said. "This is an emerging field that raises questions in regards to both safety and policy. Currently, B.C. laws do not permit driverless vehicles on our roads. A vehicle being driven autonomously in a shopping mall parking lot, for example, is not allowed. The driver is responsible for the operation of the vehicle including when driver assistance is activated."

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The woman who took this video said that a mall security guard came out and chased the Model 3 as it continued along its potentially dangerous path until someone presumed to be the owner's friend managed to stop the car. She further claimed she overheard the friend telling the security guard that the car was being remotely controlled from a different shopping mall.

The shopping mall's management is aware of the incident and has since contacted the local police department about how to proceed.

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