Watch A Snowy Street Cause A Massive Pileup In Montreal

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Final count: Two buses, one snow plow, one truck and one cop car.

Canadians like to tease Americans about being bad drivers when it snows. Can you blame them? America's hat gets some damn cold winters. As such its drivers know a thing or two about how to handle themselves when the roads are snow-covered. That line of reasoning was sound until we saw this clip, shot in Montreal. It is a supercut of cars sliding down Beaver Hall Hill. The vehicles losing control slowly smack into one another, forming a pileup that features two city buses, a cop car and a snow plow.

The video was captured from the offices of Shopify which overlook the street. (Your writer's friend actually filmed the video of the cop car wrecking.) This supercut is made up of shorter videos captured by various employees in the building.

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Canada's Global News reports that no one was hurt in these crashes. That's a bit of a surprise given that they involved two city buses full of people. However, now that we know everyone involved is OK we're going to watch this video a few more times and laugh. Watching all those cars slide helplessly downhill is hilarious, especially that cop car. Canadians, next time you need winter driving tips feel free to ask your friends south of the border.

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