Watch A Stock Kia Stinger Show Us That It's Capable Of Drift Competitions

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The Stinger is starting to look like a car that'll change everyone's mind about Kia.

Like Hyundai, Kia has been in a bit of trouble lately. Sales of Korean cars are slumping as the country's two main brands, known for staking their reputations on cheap small cars for budget shoppers, scurry to get SUVs and luxurious vehicles out to customers who don't hold those brands in high enough regard to pay SUV or luxury car money for them. Now Hyundai is going its own route, creating the Genesis brand while Kia appears to be aimed straight in our direction.

The Kia GT4 Stinger Concept from the 2014 Detroit Auto Show outlined the automaker's enthusiast appeasing aspirations best, and they're finally going to be embodied in the upcoming Stinger. Well, to be honest it won't happen to the extent we were hoping it would, the coupe being traded for a sedan, but Kia caters to our bunch by placing a 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 under the hood.

There it makes 365 horsepower and buyers can choose whether that's sent to the rear wheels or all four. It's natural to expect any car with those kinds of ingredients to have the ability to fool around in the oversteer arena (provided it's the rear-wheel drive model). All it takes is an off button for the traction and stability control systems, and by the looks of this video, the Kia Stinger has that. With a large patch of pavement and a disregard for the fate of the tires, the driver lets loose and sends clouds of smoke into the air. It's not just an entertaining act to watch, by observing how the Stinger handles past its limit, we can infer that it's easy to control and that the engineers did their homework. But is that enough to save Kia?

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