Watch A Stripped-Out Tesla Model S Smash The Quarter Mile World Record

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Is anyone really surprised at this stage?

It's hard to feign your surprise when news breaks that the Tesla Model S has smashed yet another quarter mile record. After all, we've seen Tesla's formidable electric sedan outrun just about everything that challenges it on the drag strip, including some of the world's most powerful supercars – at least until the mighty McLaren 720S made mincemeat out of it. In Ludicrous + mode, a stock Tesla Model S P100D can blitz the quarter mile run in 10.5 seconds, making it the world's fastest production four-door sedan.

But some owners think it can go even faster by shedding some weight. A few months ago, Tesla Racing Channel stripped out the interior of a P100D to extract even more performance out of the EV. With these weight-saving modifications, the Model S set an impressive 10.44 second time at 124 mph, setting the record for the fastest Model S in the quarter-mile.

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And now that same car has returned to the drag strip after being put on an even stricter diet, this time without a passenger seat, door panels, front sway bar or door speakers to bring the weight down to 2,023 kg, making it 226 kg lighter than a stock P100. The factory 12V battery was also swapped with a lighter four-pound battery. Unsurprisingly, these modifications enabled the stripped-out Tesla Model S set another new quarter mile record, with a best time of 10.41 seconds at 125.12 mph. Whether Tesla Racing Channel can extract any more speed remains to be seen but nothing would surprise us anymore.

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