Watch A Terrifying 14-Car Pileup Unfold At The Nurburgring

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There's a reason why it's called the Green Hell.

The Nurburgring is notorious for being one of the most dangerous race tracks in the world. With limited visibility and hundreds of corners, the unforgiving circuit presents a tough challenge for even the most experienced drivers. Earlier this month, a fluid leak from the coolant hose of a Porsche 911 GT3 RS caused a nasty 14-car pileup during an open lap weekend for tourists. Photos show the extent of the carnage at the time, but now a video has emerged taken from a helmet camera of one of the drivers at the scene showing the accident unfold.

It's harrowing to watch from a first-person viewpoint and shows how quickly things can escalate in these situations. As the video shows, the driver approaches a corner and sees smoke on the horizon from an earlier accident. Realizing the potential danger of the situation, he pulls over, abandons his car and wisely hops over the guard rail to safety.

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He then frantically tries to warn oncoming drivers about the danger, but several cars simply couldn't stop in time as they approached the blind corner at speed unaware of the crash scene ahead. The driver could only watch helplessly as a Porsche 911 loses control only a few seconds later and slams into the back of their parked car. Their heart must have sank watching their car get pummelled, but at least they weren't hurt in the accident. He successfully managed to flag down a few cars, but unfortunately this caused a chain reaction. One driver parks their BMW at the side of the track, only to get hit by an Audi TT.

To make matters worse, the fluid spill happened on the high speed Hatzenbach section of the track where cars typically reach speeds of over 100 mph. What also didn't help is that there were no track marshals on duty and no yellow flags or warning lights were activated telling drivers to slow down. Miraculously, only two people were injured in the pileup. They were both hospitalized and one had to be cut free from their car and evacuated by helicopter.

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