Watch A Tesla Model P85 Humiliate A BMW i8


It doesn't take long.

Last week, Tesla announced its range-topping Model S P90D, which will come packing 762 hp of all-electric madness and the capability to sprint from 0-60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. It will also boast a new "Ludicrous Mode" that will trump the current "Insane Mode." To remind you of what that enables the EV to do, check out this P85D destroying a BMW i8 in a straight line. Launching from a stop, it takes just a fraction of a second for the Tesla to move away from the i8.

In fact, a recent test proved that the Tesla pulls over 1G within one second of launch in insane mode. That's the sort of force someone feels when jumping out of a plane. We look forward to seeing what Ludicrous looks like in the coming weeks and months.

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