Watch A Tesla Model S Avoid A Crash Using Its Refined Safety Features

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Wait, so is Autopilot safe or unsafe?

The debate about Tesla's Autopilot is about as heated as the current presidential election because neither side can seem to convince the other of its validity. On one hand, you have those that think it should be shut off because it poses too much of a danger. The risk doesn't come from the fact that the system is faulty, instead, it stems from the fact that it may be too good. After doing some miles with Autopilot engaged, drivers seem prepared to give the beta software a vote of confidence.

Some even put their lives on the line and doze off or even sit in the back seat with no one up front to intervene while the car is in motion. On the other side of the coin are the responsible Autopilot users that utilize the system correctly and stay alert and ready to take over if anything should happen.

To them, Autopilot reduces fatigue and has the potential to avoid an accident. In this particular case, we see the latter of the two scenarios play out. It all starts when the driver of the silver sedan on the left begins to merge lanes without noticing the Model S in the adjacent lane. The driver of the Model S only noticed the impending accident when the collision alarm went off. As we can see, the Model S pulls to the right and slows down. The driver mentioned that they are unsure if it was them or the system that pulled the car away, but in either case, it looks like a crisis was averted.

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