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Watch A Tesla Model X Tow A Passenger Plane

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It set a new Guinness World Record in the process.

As publicity stunts demonstrating the prowess of an SUV go, a Porsche Cayenne towing a jumbo jet is difficult to top. However, such a feat has never been attempted by an EV – until now. Australian airliner Qantas hooked one of its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners up to a Tesla Model X P100D, which then towed the plane for 300 meters down a taxiway at Avalon Airport in Melbourne. While the plane wasn't loaded to its maximum take-off weight of 560,000 pounds, it was enough to set a very specific Guinness World Record.

Tesla can now say it has set a world record for the "heaviest tow by a production electric passenger vehicle," which probably won't be beaten for a long time. Unloaded and with minimal fuel, the aircraft weighs 286,600 pounds, far exceeding the electric crossover's official towing capacity of 5,112 pounds.

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It may not be the heaviest aircraft in the world and the stunt isn't all that surprising considering how much instant torque the Model X generates, but it's still an impressive achievement. If you've ever wondered how a Boeing 787-9 and Tesla Model X compares, Qantas revealed the plane has 236 seats, whereas the Model X can accommodate between five and seven passengers. The Boeing has a range of up to 9,010 miles, whereas the EV can be driven for up to 351 miles on a single charge. The publicity stunt was done to highlight Qantas's relationship with Tesla, as the company uses Tesla wall chargers at four airports in Australia allowing Model S and Model X to charge their vehicles while traveling.