Watch A Tesla Semi Truck Break Down Just Weeks Before Deliveries Are Meant To Start

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The footage was captured by a fellow trucker.

It's been a few years since the Tesla Model Y went into production, and since then, the EV giant hasn't introduced a single all-new model. Of course, that's all set to change before the end of the year when the Tesla Semi truck begins reaching customers after orders finally opened in May. That won't mean much to regular commuters, but it's good news for Tesla as Pepsi has already ordered a batch of Semis. More than this, it will show us how competitive a fully electric semi can be, especially since Tesla predicts $200,000 in fuel savings over three years.

But it seems the Tesla Semi has had a setback of sorts before deliveries even begin, at least as far as its reputation is concerned, as one of the trucks was spotted broken down on the side of the road.

Serge The Car Hauler/YouTube

In a video posted by Serge The Car Hauler, a Tesla Semi prototype was spotted stuck on a highway close to Fremont, California, where it apparently required traffic to be rerouted. The Tesla Semi was surrounded by a large tow truck and a Tesla Service van, but it's not obvious what the problem was. Of course, a semi truck being stuck on the side of the road isn't exactly from the realm of science-fiction, but this isn't the advert that Tesla would've wanted for such a key vehicle in the weeks leading up to its launch. With semi trucks often covering substantial distances, Tesla will not want its new Semi to garner the same spotty reputation for quality as its cars.


Without more information, we're going to give Tesla the benefit of the doubt and assume that this breakdown was an isolated incident. It's unlikely the result of running out of battery power, as Tesla claims a generous 500 miles on a full battery with the Semi. The truck comes with three independent motors and accelerates from 0-60 mph in an acceptable 20 seconds when fully loaded, so merging with traffic and maintaining highway speeds up steep grades shouldn't be an issue.

Like your Tesla Model Y or Model 3, the Semi supports over-the-air software updates and, with fewer moving parts, should save businesses in the commercial sector on maintenance costs, too.


Just as Tesla competes with the Germans for space in your garage, so too will this battle rage on in the electric Semi segment. That's because Mercedes-Benz itself also revealed its own electric semi earlier this year. Known as the eActros LongHaul, it only has a range of 310 miles and will enter production in 2024, so Tesla has an advantage on both counts.

Hopefully, the Tesla Semi can repeat the success of its much smaller siblings. And who knows, perhaps overcoming multiple delays with its Semi means that the elusive Cybertruck will soon reach customers, too.


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