Watch A Three Car Pileup Caused By Elon Musk's Rocket Launch

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If only this driver had Tesla's emergency braking.

Last Friday SpaceX launched a rocket into space and it looked absolutely stunning in the nighttime sky. So stunning, in fact, that it indirectly caused a three car pileup on Interstate 10 in Beaumont, California, not far from Los Angeles. According to local affiliate ABC 7, at least three cars were involved in the crash, which happened to be captured on another driver's dash cam. No word on whether anyone was injured, but there's likely some whiplash related post-crash soreness.

That beautiful rocket launch, especially when it separated, caused many other drivers to slow down and watch. Chances are not everyone knew immediately what it was, but the driver in this video understood what was about to go down.

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The crash occurred in the left lane and because this guy was driving in the center lane, you can see pretty much the entire thing. Lesson here is to always keep your eyes on the road no matter what. Then again, if the guy who caused the crash was driving a Tesla with automatic emergency braking, the accident very likely wouldn't have happened. Ironic. Elon Musk would probably agree.

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