Watch A Touring Car Flip End Over End In This Violent Crash


How did anyone walk away from this dramatic crash?

Sometimes you see a racing accident so spectacular, you can’t help but wonder how the driver ever survived. This is one such accident, which happened at the inaugural Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car race at Virginia International Raceway. It’s unclear what caused this wreck to happen, as driver Jason Fichter loses control of his Honda Accord coming out of a corner and slides onto the grass, before the car violently flips end-over-end seven times, eventually coming to a rest on all four wheels in a shower of debris.

We feel dizzy just watching the accident. Miraculously, Sportscar365 reports that Fichter was able to exit the car without assistance after the wince-worthy wreck. He was sent to the nearby Danville Medical Center to get checked over, but was soon released after being given the all clear.

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He told his team mates that he was “feeling okay” according to an update on the WCRacing Twitter account, and the race was resumed with around 10 minutes remaining. That wasn’t the only drama in this race, however. Rising temperatures soon affected the racers, as driver Paul Holton apparently “became sick” after securing the win in his Audi RS 3 LMS Club Sport and had to skip the winner’s circle celebration. Looking at the remains of the crumpled car after the accident, it’s a testament to modern race car safety that the driver walked away unharmed from the dramatic crash.