Watch A Toyota Prius Being Washed Away In Arizona Flash Floods

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Turns out that Mother Nature and hybrids aren't as friendly as we thought.

For many, one of the few remaining barriers when it comes to purchasing an electric vehicle is the reduced range and charging complications that often come with colder weather. Texas experienced an extreme winter storm earlier this year that dramatically increased the cost of charging your electric car. Well, bad weather has hit another electrified vehicle but in an entirely different way. This week, severe flash flooding in Arizona turned ordinary streets into raging rivers within seconds. In one terrifying video, a Toyota Prius was caught on video being helplessly washed away in the city of Flagstaff.

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The Prius hit a parked pickup that itself seemed perilously close to being washed away as a woman named Taylor Landy yelled "Oh my God!" at the unfolding scene. "This was pretty surreal for us," said Landy, who works the night shift at a hospital and woke up to the dramatic scene. "I never thought our street would have rushing water that would carry a car."

Mailboxes and trash cans were other victims of the rapidly flowing water as the flooding got increasingly worse. According to 12 News, a serious fire in 2019 left behind a burn scar that always posed a flooding risk in the event of heavy rain.

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The rain that fell on part of the burn scar sent debris and mud flowing down into the streets, but there is a worry that even heavier rain in the 2021 monsoon season could create more of a problem for residents in the area.

In another scary video, firefighters from the Golder Ranch Fire District were seen rescuing a man and his two daughters from the roof of their Jeep Wrangler, which was also swept away by the raging water. At this point, it's a relief that nobody in the videos seems to have been badly hurt. As for the doomed Prius, well, there's no confirmation of where it ended up.

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