Watch A Toyota Supra's Fire-Spitting Exhaust Shatter Glass

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The joy of the 2JZ engine!

There are some pretty strange car myths out there that continue to endure. Some of these are that bigger cars are automatically safer and that there's no replacement for displacement. Purveyors of the latter statement have obviously not yet gone for a blast in a Tesla Model S Plaid, which doesn't have an engine at all, let alone a smaller one.

The YouTube channel Warped Perception aims to debunk myths or bring to life unusual bits of science and engineering that you wouldn't typically see in real life. Although nobody ever claimed that shattering a wine glass using a car's exhaust gases was a myth, Warped Perception took on the challenge anyway with a fourth-generation Toyota Supra and it's quite fun to watch.

Warped Perception/YouTube
Warped Perception/YouTube

The tester used a programmable ECU which allowed him to set up a 2-step rev limiter, a process that will help to achieve the goal of shattering the wine glass. "We want the ignition to cut and the exhaust to load up with raw fuel, and then the ignition to start up again and ignite all of that fuel in the exhaust," said the driver.

With these settings in place, the Supra elicits a plethora of pops and bangs which initially creates enough resonance to move the glass around on its stand.

Warped Perception/YouTube
Warped Perception/YouTube

But it's the resulting blast of fire caused by the igniting fuel that does the job of shattering the glass though. If you want to watch the action in slow motion, skip ahead to the 3:15 mark in the video above.

While it's not clear where this incredibly noisy experiment was conducted, we hope it wasn't close to the California suburb where the owner of a modified BMW 3 Series was sued by his irate neighbors for his car's booming exhaust system and his own reckless driving.

Next time you have a vendetta against a set of wine glasses, you know what to do.

Warped Perception/YouTube
Warped Perception/YouTube
Warped Perception/YouTube

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