Watch A Toyota Yaris GR Beat A Nismo GT-R On The Track

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Dynamite comes in small packages.

When the Nissan GT-R was first introduced in 2007, critics described it as a supercar-killing marvel of technology. The 3.8-liter V6 and very clever all-wheel-drive system offered unrivaled grip and performance, allowing it to lap the hallowed Nurburgring circuit quicker than a contemporary Porsche 911 Turbo.

In 2019, the even more powerful Nismo derivative lapped the Tsukuba race circuit in just 59.361 seconds, an impressive achievement. But it seems another Japanese performance car has just pipped the GT-R Nismo, posting an even quicker time - and no, it's not some big-engined track day special, either.

Americans were saddened when Toyota announced the GR Yaris wouldn't make it stateside, the tragic news was made even worse when the brand announced a Japan-only special edition with more power. In the video below, a tuned version of the pocket rocket can be seen lapping the track in a ferociously fast 58.573 seconds - nearly a second quicker than Godzilla.

Attack Official Movie Channel/YouTube
Attack Official Movie Channel/YouTube
Attack Official Movie Channel/YouTube

While the all-wheel-drive GR Yaris is considered to be one of the best-sorted chassis that money can buy, it's still surprisingly quick around the race track. The lively 1.6-liter three-cylinder turbocharged motor is great, but 268 horsepower is surely no match for a Nismo GT-R? Well, according to this specific GR's time attack information page, it's packing slightly more than that.

No details are provided on what exactly has been upgraded on this GR Yaris, but it's reported to be producing a substantial 360 hp - not bad for a car weighing in at around 2,770 pounds. In the video, you can see the driver giving it his all, the little Yaris diving into corners with precision and powering out with all the gusto the little three-cylinder can provide.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd/YouTube

Part of the handling prowess is down to the upgraded tires measuring 265 millimeters in width. These are semi-slick Yokohama Advan A050 tires that increase grip considerably. Despite the power deficit, the Yaris GR thrives on a technical track such as this, where grip and a featherweight mass come in handy.

This GR Yaris isn't the only example to best a GT-R Nismo around the legendary Japanese track. In January last year, an HKS-tuned Toyota GR Yaris blitzed round the circuit in 59.4 seconds, about the same time posted by the latest GT-R slayer. Interestingly, the HKS Yaris made even more power, with 475 hp on tap.

While these lap times are likely down to different driving styles, it's still an impressive feat for a hot hatch to achieve. Beating a sports car is one thing, but flying around a circuit quicker than a professional driver in a GT-R Nismo? Now that's just spectacular.

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