Watch A Tumbling Civic Type R Explain The Definition Of 'Lift-Off Oversteer'

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Looks like this driver was trying a bit too hard to beat the new Type R's Nurburgring record.

It all happens so fast that it's a bit hard to see how this driver causes a fatal error (for their car, fortunately not themselves) so quickly. All that can be seen is a second generation Honda Civic Type R slingshotting its way around a corner on the Nurburgring while carrying a healthy amount of momentum when suddenly, the G forces of the biting front brakes and sideways angle of the apex-seeking front end overwhelm the rear inside tire completely, exemplifying a phenomenon known as lift-off oversteer.

The rear not only lifts (hence the name), effectively removing a contact patch that was helping to corner and brake, but it carries the entire car with it, sending the poor Type R into a 180-degree spin where it ultimately ends up on its roof, the Civic's final resting place until a careless tow truck comes to apply salt to the hatchback's many wounds.

Unfortunately for the owner, the Civic is a write-off due to the bent A-pillars, which signify that the structure is no longer roadworthy, but most important is the fact that both driver and passenger emerge from the cockpit without any severe injuries to boast. It's at that moment that the owner's desire for a personal record in that Civic Type R should have vanished, but if there was any glimmer of hope left in their hearts, it surely was stamped out when the tow truck came and further ruined the paint and body. At least there's a new Civic Type R that's supposedly pretty good on the Nurburgring.

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